Friday 5 February 2010

First Entry in a year! Painting David Haslam

Well the trouble with being a portrait painter is that there's just no time to blog! It's nearly a year since I last wrote anything and I have done a lot in that time but not had much leisure for updating.

David Haslam, retiring President of the Royal College of General Practitioners was the first big job of last year and was painted from spring to autumn, I drew and painted a series of adults and children, Professor Barry Hancock, Mr Phil Proctor, Dan and his brother, two delightful small boys. I've done pen and wash drawings, here's Caroline... lectures and demonstrations, been on the television and worked to get the studio in good order. I now have two families and a set of grown children from a third family, all to paint and to draw so there's no let up.

Then I think and email Don about why God and Brahman are not controlling my folly and how they enable me to make silly mistakes even tho they control the universe, I cycle and just about keep the fittness going despite the terrible weather.

So what shall I talk about, suffice to say that drawing children is always a pleasure, so I'll talk about that next time, I'll describe painting an official portrait and the excitement of painting in front of 100 people at a demonstration. But I'm in need of my lunch so all three of you will have to do something more sensible than reading this...