Wednesday 31 December 2008

Today is a good day for websites but a bad day for Portraits. Some days it is just not possible to capture a single face. It's a rare day for me but the wonderful has worked miracles on my site so you can see many new faces there. Figures and landscapes too. Happy New Year!

Tuesday 30 December 2008


Hello there!

I'm a Portrait Painter who thinks of things from time to time and thought I'd have a go at a Blog. Painting is a hard job if you do it in a representational way but it is an enomous joy to be able to capture at least something of a human face. In the process of living my life and getting round to painting, I think a thought or two about life, painting, people, and the other things I do besides.
I hope to offer a bit of philosophy in a rough sort of way and a sort of hair shirt cyclist enjoyment of life, if I can.